An evening with Stuart Tipple - hosted by the Expert Witness Institute and Advocates Gateway

On June 20, 2016, The Expert Witness Institute and The Advocacy Training Council hosted an evening with Stuart Tipple, one of Australia’s most well-known criminal defence lawyers.

Stuart was introduced by Professor Penny Cooper, Chair of the Advocate's Gateway and gave a personal account of his experience of representing Lindy Chamberlain in the high profile, ‘Dingo Baby’ case. He was instrumental in obtaining an inquiry and her exoneration. The fourth Inquest was in 2012, the same year Stuart received the prestigious New South Wales Law Society President’s Medal in 2012 in recognition for his contribution to the administration of justice.

Guests included EWI governor Mr Roger V Clements and Justice of the High Court, Mr Justice Green. Following the talk, attendees asked questions and discussed contemporary issues in expert evidence.

Professor Penny Cooper, said:  “It was a reminder that experts can get it wrong; miscarriages of justice based on incorrect expert opinion can and do still occur. The work of EWI is as vital as ever and Stuart and lawyers like him who commit to the uphill task of righting a miscarriage of justice have my utmost respect. He gave a moving and fascinating account.”

Stuart Tipple has practiced as a solicitor primarily in New South Wales for almost 40 years and is writing a book for Lexis Nexis. One of the recommendations will be that Australia establish a Criminal Cases Review Commission. Stuart would like to see greater accountability for experts. 

The EWI would like to thank DMH Stallard for use of their venue. 

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