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How to apply

EWI have set out the core competencies expected of Expert Witnesses. These competencies will be assessed for Certification and are used as the basis for the Assessment Criteria for applications.

There are five stages of the application process:



The following evidence will need to be submitted in support of your application:

  • Latest CV
  • Proof of current registration with your regulatory/professional body*  – if such body exists
    Please note: Psychologists need to be HCPC registered.
  • Proof of current professional indemnity insurance specifically for expert witness work (Non-members only)

If you have Professional Indemnity Insurance for Expert Witness work in place, you will need to upload a copy of your schedule. 

If you do not have Professional Indemnity Insurance for Expert Witness work, you can apply to become part of the EWI Block Policy with Hiscox through Horner Blakey Insurance Brokers. You will need to download the latest declaration form and then upload it as evidence of your Professional Indemnity Insurance. Once your application has been approved, we will pass your application over to Horner Blakey. 

  • An anonymised Expert Witness report from a closed case written in the last 3 years which is compliant with the relevant legislation. Please ensure you enclose appendices. 

To anonymise the report we ask you to redact it by changing the names of people, organisations, animals so that each entity has a standard identifier. For Example: Claimant A, Claimant B, Defendant A, Defendant B, Organisation A, Organisation B, Animal A, Animal B etc…

Dates can be changed to XX/XX/XX. Please do not redact the date you signed the report.

Please do not attempt to insert fake names or dates as it can still be unclear as to whether the report has been anonymised or not.

  • Where you have had experience drafting a Joint Statement - an anonymised joint statement
  • A list of any judgments (of which you are aware) in which you have been named
  • A list of CPD you have undertaken to improve your Expert Witness practice over the last three years and a 250-word statement reflecting on how this has improved your practice as an Expert Witness.
  • Details of three instructing parties who can act as referees
  • Confirmation you are willing to abide by the EWI Code of Professional Conduct.

How much does it cost?

There is a one-off, non-refundable application fee:

  • Members: £325
  • Non-Members: £425*

*This also includes your application for membership of the EWI. Where a non-member is not successful, EWI will use the assessment to identify whether an alternative level of membership can be offered.

You will complete an online assessment (20 multiple choice questions) of your understanding of the rules and regulations of the Jurisdiction and Court in which the report which forms part of your application was submitted in.

You will write and submit a 250-500 word statement detailing your experiences in participating in Expert Discussions and reflecting on the joint statement submitted.

Where you do not have any experience or an example of a joint statement, you will be asked to submit a statement on the practice in your jurisdiction.

In your statement you need to demonstrate your:

  • knowledge of expert meeting procedure
  • ability to communicate effectively and participate constructively during the discussion and/or understanding of how you would approach this
  • understanding of the purpose and regulations for the development of a joint statement

You will be invited to undertake a mock Examination in Chief / Cross-Examination with an Advocate / Barrister based on the report submitted. The Advocate / Barrister will seek to test your competence in giving oral evidence. In most cases these will be conducted via Zoom. However, we also can conduct these in-person. They last no longer than 30 minutes.

Whether conducted via Zoom or in-person, the mock cross-examination will be recorded, as it forms part of the whole application.

If you have successfully completed the cross-examination module with Bond Solon in the last 5 years, you will not need to complete the cross-examination and your certificate will be accepted as evidence of completion.

The result of the quiz, all your documents including reflections on joint statements and CPD, plus the 3 references will be collated into one form. This form, and the recording of the mock cross-examination will be assessed separately by 2 assessors. If both come to the same result then we will let you know the result at this stage. If they disagree, we will ask a third assessor to moderate. You will be notified of your final result within 4 weeks after the mock cross-examination (assuming all references have been received in time).

To apply

To apply, please follow the link below. If you are not currently registered on the EWI website, you will need to register first.

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