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Our Partners

The Expert Witness Institute works with a range of partners to deliver and extend the reach of our strategic objectives. This includes Corporate Partners, Supplier Partners and Association Partners.

Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners are our premium category of Corproate Member. These organisations are able to demonstrate that they ensure the very best practice in the delivery of expert evidence through the quality assurance systems they have in place and their commitment to the development of the Expert Witness workforce.

Applied Psychology Solutions

We offer Expert Witness Services throughout the UK, specialising in personal injury and medical negligence. We provide consultancy, training and expert witness services. We support our affiliated expert witnesses with their administration needs.
(e)   enquiry@apsy.co.uk
(w)  www.appliedpsychologysolutions.com
(t)    01223 803793



Bush and Co

We are the brand leader for case management and expert witness services in the catastrophic injury sector. We work with claimant and defendant solicitors and insurers to provide services to support clients following life changing injuries. We are renowned for our objectivity, high quality and expert opinion through quantum and liability reports, adding value to the medico-legal process.

(e)    marketing@bushco.co.uk
(w)   www.bushco.co.uk
(t)     01327 876210


Charlotte Wells & Co

Charlotte Wells & Co are a team of experienced nurses providing independent expert witness services and medical legal reporting across the UK & Ireland specialising in cancer care and industrial disease.

Our team of highly qualified nurses advise on needs, costs of care and equipment following injury or disease and breach of duty.

We are specialists in industrial disease (asbestosis, mesothelioma, silicosis etc), malignancy & respiratory illness as well as spinal, orthopaedic injury and trauma.

(e)    charlotte.wells@charlottewells.org
(w)   www.charlottewells.org
(t)     07976 375206


MAPS Medical

MAPS Medical  is the trading name of Medical and Professional Services Ltd, a medical reporting organisation specialising in the provision of independent medico-legal expert witness evidence in claims for personal injury and clinical negligence across England and Wales. We are owned by a Trust, the MAPS Benevolent Trust, whose beneficiaries are UK charities.

(e)    info@maps-medical.co.uk
(w)   www.maps-medical.co.uk
(t)     0208 420 6363


MLAS - Medical & Legal Admin Services

MLAS is an administrative, logistics service that enables the business growth of our expert community. In essence, we are here to support expert witnesses to become more efficient in delivering carefully considered, balanced reports whilst removing all daily interruptions. 

(e)    enquiries@mlas.co.uk
(w)   www.mlas.co.uk
(t)   0114 245 5423


Premier Medical

We work with the medico-legal industry to deliver more efficient ways of managing and delivering medical reporting, screening, rehabilitation and diagnostic services in relation to personal injury claims.

Premier Medical also provides bespoke services such as travel assistance, scarring/injury photography, 'Day in the Life' DVDs and translation services, to support multi-track, catastrophic injury and clinical negligence cases.

(e)    cmr_customerservices@premiermedical.co.uk
(w)   www.premiermedical.co.uk
(t)     01273 697806


Resolve Medicolegal

Since 2012, we have been the leading medico-legal group in Scotland, providing high quality Consultant Expert Medical Reports. We continue to expand with our team currently numbering over 85 medical experts across a wide range of specialisms. As a team, our strong relationships with over 1500 solicitors and paralegal staff allow us to provide the best possible service, across the whole country.

(e)    info@resolvemedicolegal.co.uk
(w)   www.resolvemedicolegal.co.uk
(t)     01418 831166


Somek and Associates

Somek and Associates is one of the biggest providers of Expert Witnesses in the UK delivering highly professional trained experts in a range of health professions: Occupational Therapy, Care experts, Physiotherapy, Speech & Language Therapy, Nursing, Midwifery, and other key health professions. They are passionate about the integrity of the expert witness role and maintaining independence and objectivity to underpin credibility of the expert evidence. As a company they have a very balanced Claimant / Defendant split and aim to maintain this with each and every one of their associates.

(e)    admin@somek.com
(w)   www.somek.com
(t)     01494 792 711


Supplier Partners

Supplier Partners are organisations who provide services to the Expert Witness community. Working with these providers enables us to secure exclusive discounts for our members.

BEB Consultancy (UK) Ltd

EWI members receive a discount of 10% on  fixed price packages at BEB Consultancy (UK) Ltd, a privately owned company with over 35 years’ experience within the legal and construction industries. They specialise in writing bespoke business contracts, typically terms & conditions, sub-contractor agreements, shareholder agreements and more. They also review contracts that clients get sent. BEB Consultancy are qualified in Contract Law and regulated by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx).

(t)   01604 217365
(w)   bebconsultancy.co.uk

Horner Blakey Insurance Brokers

Working with Horner Blakey we are able to provide a block Professional Indemnity Insurance policy for EWI members at extremely favourable rates.

(t)   020 7929 0108
(w)   www.hornerblakey.co.uk


Redwood Collections

EWI has negotiated preferential commission rates with Redwood Collections Ltd. They offer a complete portfolio of debt collection services ranging from sensitive client-debtor mediation through to legal and insolvency action. Several members have achieved excellent results in receiving outstanding payments. They offer members a discounted commission rate of 10% commission (typically 15%).

(e)     mrogers@redwoodcollections.com
(w)    redwoodcollections.com
(t)      02038 686569


Association Partners

Association Partners are organisations who are supporting experts in the development of their professional knowledge/skill or providing a community to those within a profession/area of expertise. Working with these providers enables us to widen our reach and support to the expert witness community.

Chartered Institute of Information Security

The Chartered Institute of Information Security (CIISec) is the only pure-play cyber and information security institution to have been granted Royal Charter status and is dedicated to raising the standard of professionalism in cyber and information security. CIISec was formed in 2006 to advance the professionalism of information security practitioners and thereby the professionalism of the industry. It has a growing membership that represents over 15,000 individuals and provides a universally-accepted focal point for the profession, ensuring standards of professionalism for practitioners, qualifications, operating practices, training and individuals.