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law for experts

Law for Experts (England & Wales)

It is essential that all expert witnesses understand the legal framework and how their role as an expert witness fits into the English legal system, both historically and contextually.

This course is recommended for:

  • Those who are new to expert witness work
  • Experienced experts who want to refresh their knowledge of the English Legal system


  1. The expert witness’ duty to the court
  2. Importance of report compliance - the different rules that apply and why
  3. What to expect if you end up having to appear in court
  4. Court terminology and the unique language of the judicial system translated
  5. Anatomy of court law and the different court systems
  6. The UK Constitution and a history of the English Legal System
  7. Key court cases and reforms relevant to expert witnesses
  8. Sources of law
  9. The doctrine of binding precedent
  10. The legal profession under the microscope

Why should you attend?

  • Understand the nature and role of English legal institutions, law-making bodies and the courts
  • Understand key features of the English/UK constitution and constitutional concepts
  • Understand key concepts within legal reasoning and be able to recognise these within case law
  • Understand your role and obligations within this legal framework

CPD Hours: 4 hour

Lecturer: Glenn Robinson, BPP Law School

Glenn joined BPP in 2000 after teaching at several institutions including the Universities of Reading, Buckingham and London. As an associate professor, his major role is as the Head of Programmes for the PGDL and GDL.

He was instrumental in developing the new PGDL course and in leading BPP into the world of online and distance learning.

Since 2000, he has also been an associate lecturer in law with the Open University.

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