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What is Certification?

EWI Certification is an assessment process which enables applicants to gain both recognition and validation for their current practice as an Expert Witness. By becoming an EWI Certified Expert, individuals will commit to undertaking ongoing Continuing Professional Development and they will be required to go through the Certification assessment every five years to revalidate their practice and retain their Certified status.

The assessment builds on the vetting procedures in place for EWI membership by adding a higher-level membership category for highly experienced experts.

Certification not only assesses all the core competencies required as an Expert Witness, it also recognises those who can demonstrate excellence in report writing, discussions between experts and giving oral evidence in court.

More importantly, applications for Certification (and revalidation of Certification) are assessed on the expert’s ability to demonstrate actual practice in real scenarios.

The need for Expert Witness Certification Benefits for you