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Core Competencies for Expert Witnesses

The core competencies framework for Expert Witnesses sets out the attributes, knowledge, and skills that experts must develop if they wish to act as an Expert Witness. 

It is a useful tool in a number of ways:

  • It outlines the knowledge and skills that are required of Expert Witnesses.
  • It can be used as a self-assessment tool for you to think about your personal and professional development.
  • It can be used for skills analysis, training, and career development plans and enables you to identify Continuing Professional Development opportunities and training needs
  • It underpins EWI’s levels of membership and the assessment and vetting process for each.
  • If you are not yet a member, it can be used to assess the membership level you should consider.
  • It can be used to assess relevant training courses for Expert Witnesses.

Expert vs Expert Witness

To be an Expert Witness, you need to be an expert. This may seem obvious, but being an expert is not the same as an Expert Witness.

An expert offers special expertise in a particular field. An Expert Witness, however, must develop additional knowledge, skills and competencies in order to fulfil their duty to the court. This framework outlines the full set of competencies which must be developed in order to become an Expert Witness.

The Core Competency Framework

The Core Competencies document has been designed as a practical self-assessment tool.

This means you can carry out self-assessment of your knowledge and skills against all areas. 

To assist you in doing this, the EWI has developed a set of self-assessment ratings which are included in the tool. These will help you consider your level of knowledge and skills in each area and identify areas that you might want to develop as part of your own Continuing Professional Development.

For those considering membership of the EWI, the expected levels for Knowledge and Experience for each competency have been mapped to the different levels of membership which enable you to consider the appropriate level of membership for which to apply. 

Access the Core Competency Framework

To access the tool you will need to login or register on the website.

Take a look

Now you know what it is, why don’t you take a look? Here are a few practical suggestions:
• Read the Core Competencies for Expert Witnesses
• Use the self-assessment ratings to score your level of knowledge and experience
• Identify any areas that you want to develop and consider what training you need