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Personal Membership

We understand at different stages of your career you're going to need a different level of support.

The Expert Witness Institute supports individuals from a diverse range of professions and offers several membership categories designed for new and experienced expert witness and those who are interested in this field.

A Membership Category designed for you

Our most common memership types, for practicing expert witnesses or for those looking to begin their expert witness journey:



Membership for experienced and seasoned expert witnesses: 


Membership for trainees and legal professional:


​​Not sure which membership level is right for you?

Our Core Competency Framework includes an assessment tool – try it now!

Core Competency Framework

Alternatively, and particularly if you are have not yet worked as an Expert Witness, why not book our popular Expert Essentials webinar. This serves as a great introduction to everything you'll need to know about your work as an Expert Witness. Or get in touch with Wiebke Morgan, Membership Manager at membership@ewi.org.uk