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Corporate Membership

There are two categories of membership based on the level of vetting and quality assurance undertaken by the organisation.

  • Corporate Member 

These organisations will be able to demonstrate that they check their experts’ CV, proof of registration with their professional body, and provide professional indemnity insurance. They should also encourage their experts to engage in Continuing Professional Development.

  • Corporate Partners

In addition to the above, Corporate Partners will be able to demonstrate that they check the quality and compliance of expert reports prior to the acceptance of an Expert Witness onto their staff/panel and have systems in place to keep staff panel members up-to-date as well as identifying, dealing with and resolving any issues and poor practice. 

Corporate Membership has a range of unique benefits and there are specific expectations of organisations who are corporate members.

For full details, check out our Corporate Membership Guide


Level of Membership Application Fee Annual Fee 2023/24*
Corporate Member £95 £887
Corporate Partner £140 £1,105

*Annual fees are calculated pro-rata.

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