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Associate Membership

Who is it for?

Associate Membership is designed for those who with or employ experts for example Solicitors, Barristers, members of the Judiciary, and those who work for agencies or organisations who employ experts.

What are the benefits?

As an Associate Member, you will have access to all of our benefits, but the key benefits for Associate Members include:

  • Access to our extensive database of judgments relating to expert evidence.
  • Resources to support your work with Expert Witnesses.
  • Discounts on attending EWI training and events.

You will not be entitled to appear on the Find an Expert Directory or use any member logos.

How much does it cost?

Annual Fee 1/11/23-31/10/24* £74.50

 *Annual fees will be calculated pro-rata. Our subscription year runs 1st November - 31st October.

How to apply

Please use the online application form to apply. You will need to upload the following documents to the online application form:

  • Your Current CV
  • Proof of membership of appropriate regulatory body (if applicable). This may be a certificate, screenshot of your existence on an online directory or a letter from your professional body confirming membership. EWI recognise that not all experts will have a professional body of which they can become a member. If this is the case, please upload a note from yourself explaining this.

If you are already registered on the EWI website, please login to apply.

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