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Complain about a member

The Institute takes the conduct of its members very seriously. It is important to note that we are a membership body and do not have any regulatory functions. Therefore, serious breaches of our code of professional conduct may result in removal from membership, but we cannot stop a member from engaging in further Expert Witness work outside of our purview.

To raise a complaint against an existing member of the Institute, you must first complete an initial form which will help us determine if the complaint can be considered by us at this time.

We can consider We cannot consider
  • Complaints considered to be misconduct
  • Complaints which relate to the member’s practice as an Expert Witness, specifically:
    • Independence, impartiality, objectivity and integrity
    • Duty to the Court or Tribunal
    • Non-compliance with the relevant rules, regulations, practice directions or guidelines of the court
    • Proven breach of Confidentiality
    • Undisclosed arrangement which could compromise their impartiality
    • Undisclosed conflict of interest
    • Lack of Indemnity insurance
    • Inaccurate, misleading or bad taste marketing/publicity
  • Complaints which have previously been referred to the Expert’s professional body which have identified issues with their professional practice
  • Criticism from a court or Judge
  • Complaints against Associate Members, Student Members, Honorary Fellows, Corporate Members, Corporate Partners, and Supplier Partners who are not bound by the same Code of Conduct
  • Complaints concerning the expert’s professional opinion
  • Complaints which relate to the methodology used by the Expert Witness
  • Complaints where the case is currently ongoing
  • Complaints which ask us to make a judgment on a point of law (eg. Breach of contract)
  • Complaints made anonymously
  • Complaints made prior or during litigation or pending or potential litigation regarding the case or expert services
  • Complaints about experts who are no longer a practicing member of our institute


If you have a complaint about one of our Corporate Members or Corporate Partners, please contact the Institute who will advise you regarding the type of complaints that can be investigated.


Only complaints which specifically related to our Code of Conduct will be investigated. Our complaint procedure cannot be used to assess general standards of practice and are not a substitute for any civil claim. Please make sure you have read our Code of Practice and complaints procedure before submitting your complaint.

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