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Who is it for?

Fellowship is available to EWI Full or Certified members who have been in membership for at least a year and have more than 10 years experience as an Expert Witness.

A Fellow must be able to demonstrate a high personal standing within their profession or discipline, integrity and ability as a witness, knowledge of the legal requirements placed on an expert witness and a commitment to the development of the Institute.

This membership category is for experienced professionals of all disciplines who are established as expert witnesses and can meet the rigorous criteria. Applications for membership are vetted by EWI's membership committee.

Applicants must have been a member of the EWI for at least 1 year and be able to demonstrate:

  1. Their standing within their profession and discipline
  2. Excellence in practice as an Expert Witness
  3. A commitment to Continuing Professional Development both as an Expert and as an Expert Witness
  4. A commitment to developing and improving the practices of others
  5. A commitment to and understanding of EWI’s mission and strategic objectives

What are the benefits?

As a Fellow, as well as other benefits, you will 

  • appear at the top of searches on the Find an Expert Directory; 
  • are entitled to use the Postnominal: FEWI (or FEWI Cert if you are also Certified); and 
  • will be able to use the EWI Fellow logo

How much does it cost?

Application Fee (One-off and non-refundable) £140
Annual Fee 1/11/23-31/10/24* £330 (£310 when you pay by direct debit)

 *Annual fees will be calculated pro-rata. Our subscription year runs 1st November - 31st October.

How to apply

Please use the online application form to apply. You will need to upload the following documents to the online application form:

  • Your Current CV
  • Proof of membership of appropriate regulatory body* (if applicable). This may be a certificate, screenshot of your existence on an online directory or a letter from your professional body confirming membership. EWI recognise that not all experts will have a professional body of which they can become a member. If this is the case, please upload a note from yourself explaining this.
    *Please note: Psychologists need to be HCPC registered.
  • An anonymised expert witness report from a closed case written in the last 3 years which is compliant with the relevant legislation. Please ensure you enclose appendices. To anonymise the report we ask you to redact it by changing the names of people, organisations, animals so that each entity has a standard identifier. For Example:
    • Claimant A, Claimant B, Defendant A, Defendant B
    • Organisation A, Organisation B
    • Animal A, Animal B etc…

Dates can be changed to XX/XX/XX. Please do not redact the date you signed the report.

Please do not attempt to insert fake names or dates as it can still be unclear as to whether the report has been anonymised or not.

All Expert Reports are assessed by our Membership Committee who will be assessing your report against our Assessment Criteria.

  • Where you have experience giving evidence in hearings, please provide a list of any judgments of which you are aware in which you have been named. Where these relate to hearings which must remain anonymous (for example Arbitration hearings) please state the number of hearings in which you have been named. Guidance detailing how you can search for any judgments where you have been named is avaialble in the Member Resources section.
  • A list of CPD you have undertaken to improve your Expert Witness practice over the last three years. If you have been using your CPD log (in your My EWI) you can provide a screenshot of your log.

You will be asked to submit the following within your application:

  • The contact details of three instructing parties who we may contact for a reference
  • A 250-word statement setting out why you believe your experience as an expert witness is significant
  • A 250-word statement telling us how the CPD you have undertaken over the period has developed your skills, knowledge and practice.
  • A 250-word statement telling us about your experience in mentoring or training others. The committee want to understand the extent to which you will be able to help, support and train inexperienced experts.
  •  A 250-word statement telling us how you feel you can contribute to the Expert Witness Institute as a Fellow. It is worth reviewing  the EWI Mission and Strategic Objectives to consider how you can contribute to the wider organisation.