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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2021-26


The Expert Witness Institute is the voice of the Expert Witness community; championing experts from all professional disciplines and the lawyers who use their services.

Our mission is to support the proper administration of justice and the early resolution of disputes through high-quality expert evidence from specialists.


Our strategic priorities are to:

1.      Enhance our impact by growing membership

We will:

  • Improve member value by better understanding members and non-members through data analysis and conducting research.
  • Implement strategies to grow and retain our membership.
  • Form partnerships with other Professionals Association to encourage more experts to join the expert witness community.
  • Extend the range of relevant benefits available to members through our Supplier Partners scheme.

2.      Support the development and improve the quality of experts within the community

We will:

  • Promote and gain recognition for EWI Standards and ensure that members uphold those standards.
  • Deliver high-quality training and events to support Experts whether they are just starting out or have significant experience.
  • Create a sense of community through networking events.
  • Provide members with ongoing practice updates.
  • Improve the range and quality of information and guidance available to members.
  • Support members with responses to particular issues through the EWI Helpline.
  • Provide mentoring opportunities for inexperienced Expert Witnesses.

3.      Advocate on behalf of the Expert Witness community

We will:

  • Act as a voice for expert witnesses, especially in communicating with the media.
  • Make representations to Government and other key stakeholders.
  • Work actively with other allied professional bodies and key stakeholders.
  • Raise the profile of the EWI in the legal community and encourage lawyers to make use of experts wherever specialised knowledge is required.
  • Work with international partners to support projects which add value to our work and our members.

4.      Deliver an excellent, sustainable and effective membership body

We will:

  • Regularly review our operational and financial performance.
  • Ensure effective operations and governance.
  • Ensure we have processes in place to monitor and manage our risks.
  • Complete the transition to becoming an entirely virtual operation.
  • Continue to streamline working practices and improve the member experience by maximising the functionality of our new systems.
  • Ensure staff feel valued and supported.