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Are Digital Forensics Experts prone to bias?
Simon Berney-Edwards
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Are Digital Forensics Experts prone to bias?

The Guardian recently reported that a new study has found participants found more or less evidence on hard drive depending on what contextual information they had.


The study undertaken by the University of Oslo, Norway, gave digital forensics examiners from eight countries including the UK the same computer hard drive to analyse. Some of the examiners were provided with only basic contextual information about the case, while others were told the suspect had confessed to the crime, had a strong motive for committing it or that the police believed she had been framed.


The study, which will be published in Forensic Science International: Digital Investigation, found that the examiners who had been led to believe the suspect might be innocent documented the fewest traces of evidence in the files, while those who knew of a potential motive identified the most traces.


Read the article on the Guardian Website.

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