About Us

The Expert Witness Institute (EWI) is the voice of this specialist community, championing experts from all professional disciplines and the lawyers who use their services.

Our goal is to support the proper administration of justice and the early resolution of disputes through high-quality expert evidence from specialists who have met technical, legal and quality standards and are subject to a Code of Professional Conduct and Practice.

The Institute plays a major role in promoting the importance of expert knowledge, whether talking to government, professional bodies, associations or the media.

EWI Objectives:

  • Act as a voice for expert witnesses, especially in communicating with the media.
  • Provide support to experts of all professional disciplines
  • Encourage lawyers to make use of experts wherever specialised knowledge is required. 
  • Engage in the training of experts to maintain and enhance standards and their status.
  • Work actively with other allied professional bodies and associations.
  • Make representations to Government and to professional bodies and associations

Launched in 1996, the EWI is independent of outside commercial interests. A not-for-profit organisation limited by guarantee, it is run by an eminent Board of Governors that is democratic, transparent and fully accountable to members.

We offer different levels of membership depending on experience for experts and associate membership for solicitors and barristers.

Our register of expert witnesses contains experts with a diverse range of expertise including medical, finance and accounting, business, construction, and forensic science from across the UK, Ireland and across the globe. Experts included on our directory (Find an Expert) have been fully vetted checking their professional credentials and ensuring the reports they have written are compliant with appropriate regulations and are of excellent quality; providing instructing parties with assurance that when they appoint one of our experts they are appointing an expert with the appropriate skills and experience.