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Improving practice in Arbitration

Tim Hardy, Arbitrator and Mediator

Tim highlights best practice and common pitfalls for Experts in Arbitration.

Running Time: 41 Minutes

CPD Certificate: 45 Minutes


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Tim Hardy, Arbitrator and Mediator

Tim Hardy has been mediating for over ten years, working with parties to resolve disputes across a broad spectrum of commercial sectors.

He has been recognised as a key individual by Chambers & Partners Guide to the Legal Profession for his work in dispute resolution as a litigator.

Tim is head of the Commercial Litigation team at CMS Cameron McKenna LLP and has over 30-years’ experience of dispute resolution across a range of issues including corporate transactions, partnership, financial services, funds, banking, insolvency, fraud, insurance, products, construction, property, outsourcing, IT, professional negligence and media law. As well as regularly accepting appointments as mediator, he frequently represents parties in mediation and protracted negotiations.