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Report Writing II


10 Nov 2021

9:30AM - 5:00PM

Building on the fundamentals of Report writing I, you will learn techniques and strategies that will enable you to deliver more impactful evidence across increasingly complex issues.

This course is recommended for:

Individual Members of the EWI Experienced experts who want to refresh or improve their report writing skills

Course Outline 

  • Understand the latest updates to court procedures and rules as they apply to reports
  • Explore the fundamental categories of legal test and understand its importance in evidence
  • Understand the thought process for applying legal tests correctly using simple and complex factual and technical scenarios
  • Understand how to generate a list of issues prior to the production of the report 
  • Develop and enhance opinion writing skills for complex cases, such as causation, damage and quantum
  • Understand how to deal with causation in multi-incident compensation claims 
  • Understand how to deal with the range of professional opinion on issues in dispute
  • Learn approaches for dealing with reporting situations involving technical or complex issues

Why should you attend?

  • Receive specialist tuition on a vital area of expert witness practice
  • Learn techniques that help to identify and highlight the key issues
  • Learn how to present each stage of the opinion in a logical and ordered way 
  • Understand when and how to seek guidance from instructing lawyers
  • Learn grammatical and presentational strategies that improve quality of evidence

CPD: 7 hours

Non-Members: £360 / Members: £300

Event Cancellation Policy Cancellations received 61 days + prior to the event – A full refund will be given Cancellations received 31-60 days prior to the event – A 75% refund will be given Cancellations received 15-30 days prior to the event – A 50% refund will be given Cancellations received 0-14 days prior to the event – No refund will be given Please note, any delegates who do not attend on the day will not receive a refund. Access to the event will be denied if payment in advance has not been made. The EWI reserve the right to cancel any event with a minimum of 3 days notice and will provide a full refund to delegates. Disclaimer Event content is provided to members of the Expert Witness Institute in support of their work. It represent the Institute’s view of good practice in a particular area, and members are not obliged to follow it. It does not constitute legal or professional advice and should not be relied upon as a substitute for legal advice. Whilst care has been taken to ensure that the content is accurate, up to date, and useful, the Expert Witness Institute will not accept any legal liability in relation to it. If specific advice or information is required, then a suitably qualified professional should be consulted. Photography From time to time the EWI or other authorised third parties (such as press) may carry out photography and/or other recording at EWI Events and Training and images and/or recordings may feature visitors. You consent to the use of such images and/or recordings by us in connection with advertising, promoting the EWI (such as on the EWI website, social media sites and pages, partner sites, outdoor advertising and brochures for the EWI), and for our internal purposes, and in doing so, you allow us to edit, modify, publish and make available such images and/or recordings. You acknowledge and agree that you will not receive compensation if we use such images and/or recordings for the purposes set out above. If any visitors to EWI events are under 18, you, being the parent or legal guardian of such persons, also consent to the use of their image and/or recordings for the purposes set out above. You acknowledge that the copyright in such images and/or recordings rests with us and/or any authorised third party and accordingly you grant us and/or any authorised third party all rights in any images and/or recordings of you and/or your children. You shall promptly execute such documents and perform such acts as may be required for the purposes of giving full effect to the foregoing. The taking of photographs with handheld cameras is only allowed with prior permission . Video recording as well as the use of flashes, tripods and other specialist photographic equipment is not permitted. Photographs are for you to enjoy for your own personal, private, non-commercial purposes only. Unless permission has been granted by us, picture and images cannot be reproduced in any format or media other than for private viewing.

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