Book now: EWI's Report Writing II course with Lynden Alexander
Book now: EWI's Report Writing II course with Lynden Alexander
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Book now: EWI's Report Writing I
This course deals with the practical concerns of experts when writing reports

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Legal Updates for Expert Witnesses with Dr John Sorabji

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English Legal System - The Expert in Context

7 November 2016
EWI Offices

Before working as an Expert Witness, it is essential that you understand the legal framework in which you will be working.  This course provides a comprehensive overview of the English legal system and will position the expert in context

Report Writing II
21 November 2016
EWI Offices

  • Understand the importance of legal tests in evidence
  • Explore the fundamental categories of legal test
  • Learn how to identify the correct legal test to apply
  • Apply legal tests in the evidence using a variety of simple and complex factual and technical scenarios
  • Understand the thought process necessary for applying legal tests correctly when expressing expert opinion.
  • Develop opinion writing skills for complex cases
  • Understand how to deal with causation in multi-incident compensation claims
  • Understand how to deal with the range of professional opinion on issues in dispute
  • Learn approaches to explaining complex issues
  • Explore reporting situations dealing with technical difficult issues

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Report Writing I
24 February 2017
EWI Offices

This seminar deals with the fundamental skills needed to write high-quality expert reports. The framework of court rules and procedure that form the context for expert reports will be explained, as will the fundamental evidential writing skills necessary to produce reports that fulfil all the requirements of the litigation process. Finally, extracts from expert reports will be discussed to highlight the differences between well and poorly drafted expert opinion in reports. 

SAVE THE DATE **EWI 2017 Annual Conference and Dinner
21 September 2017
Church House, Westminster

Further information on the 16th EWI Annual Conference will be announced shortly, in the meantime, please put the date in your calendar: Thursday 21 September 2017. More info

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