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The IEEE (Institut European de l’Expertise de l’Expert) is currently conducting an exercise to gather opinion from a range of interested parties about the work of Expert Witnesses (in civil litigation).  This will be collated across the 27 EU-member states with the aim of harmonizing Experts’ work, for example in cross-border disputes.  The project aims to gather views from both Common Law jurisdictions and from the dominant inquisitorial system found on mainland Europe.  The EWI is currently represented on Working Groups involved in this project.

Opinion sought from Common Law countries

Your view is sought on Expert Witness work (in civil litigation) through a brief questionnaire - here

Please give us your opinion as an Expert, a Lawyer, Judge or judicial academic who may be involved in civil litigation.  

Please also copy your comments to 

After the sell-out success of the Expert Meetings Seminar in June 2014 we have now made this course available to download as a video!

Presented by EWI Governor Dr Thomas Walford and Barrister David Sanderson - the event was a great success - if you couldn't make it down to London then get the video recording here now. 

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This course will be scheduled again in October 2014. Spaces are limited, once again, to 30 delegates so BOOK EARLY.

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