Book now: EWI's Expert Essentials - Is Expert Witness Work For Me?
Book now: EWI's Expert Essentials - Is Expert Witness Work For Me?
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Book now: EWI How to Market Yourself as an Expert Witness
Book now: How to Market Yourself as an Expert Witness

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EWI evening seminars and training events are now available to download. This facility is available to all experts. Downloads are a great way to keep up to date with EWI events and training even if you are unable to attend in person. Contact us using the information below to request your download.

EWI 2016 Annual Conference (audio) £50 for members / £60 for non-members

PRICING TO DOWNLOAD THE EVENTS BELOW: £15 for members / £20 for non-members

Legal Updates for Expert Witnesses with Dr John Sorabji

Expert Essentials

10 Commandments for Experts

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        The Expert Witness Institute
        Training and Events Schedule 2017

How to Market Yourself as an Expert Witness (evening seminar) - 30/3/2017, 6pm-8pm
Speaker: Paul Raine BSc FRICS MEWI   

EWI Offices, London      EWI Members: £40/ Non-Members: £60       
This evening seminar deals with the challenging task of creating, managing and promoting yourself as an expert witness. Professionals, who although being specialists in their own area of practice are often unsure of the principles of running what is essentially a micro business. Attending this seminar will be a valuable experience for any expert witness who wants to fully capitalise on their expert knowledge and delegates will leave with useful and practical advice they can use immediately. Find out more
To book:  (t) 020 7936 2213 (e)

Expert Essentials - Is Expert Witness Work For Me? (evening seminar)- 5/4/2017, 6pm-8pm
Speaker: Glenn Robinson

Stallards, London      EWI Members: £40/ Non-Members: £60

This course is for professionals considering a career as an expert witness. This course is aimed at people who are not yet EWI members or experts but would like to learn more about the Institute and the roles and duties of an expert witness. This course will give you the chance to find out everything you need to know about becoming an expert, what is expected from you, how demanding this additional career could be and how fulfilling it can beFind out more
To book:  (t) 020 7936 2213 (e)

EWI 20th anniversary AGM & Sir Michael Davies Debate and Dinner: "Experts in Common Law and Civil Law Jurisdictions" / Thursday 18 May 2017
The EWI invites you to join us for an interesting and lively debate comparing the various complexities involved in acting as an expert witness across Europe. The panel will be chaired by the Rt Hon Sir Anthony Hooper; EWI governors, Dr John Sorabji and Dr Thomas Walford with Jean Raymond Lemaire and Beatrice Deshayes representing the European Expertise & Expert Institute. 

This year, for the first time the EWI AGM will be held at One Great George Street in Westminster and takes the following format:

AGM - This is for members only: FOC
AGM -Reception and Debate - EWI Members: £15 Non-member £25
Reception, Debate and Dinner- EWI Members: £75 Non-member £95

To book:  (t) 020 7936 2213 (e)

Report Writing II - 16/6/2017 & 8/12/2017, 09.30 - 17.30
EWI Offices, London   EWI Members: £260 / Non-Members: £290 
Speakers: Barrister Giles Eyre and Lynden Alexander 
From attending this course, delegates will understand the importance of legal tests in evidence; explore the fundamental categories of legal test; learn how to identify the correct legal test to apply; apply legal tests in the evidence using a variety of simple and complex factual and technical scenarios; understand the thought process necessary for applying legal tests correctly when expressing expert opinion and develop opinion writing skills for complex cases.
To book:  (t) 020 7936 2213 (e)

An Introduction to the English Legal System - The Expert in Context
Speaker: Glenn Robinson
EWI Members: £260 / Non-Members: £290  
West Midlands: 8/5/2017, 10.00 - 16.00
EWI Offices, London: 19/6/2017
, 09.30 - 17.30 
Before you work as an expert witness it is essential that you understand the legal framework in which you will be working. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the English legal system and will position the expert in context. Find out more   
To book:  (t) 020 7936 2213 (e)               

Report Writing I - 14/7/2017 & 24/11/2017; 09.30 - 17.30
EWI Offices, London EWI Members: £260 / Non-Members: £290
Speaker: Lynden Alexander
This seminar deals with the fundamental skills needed to write high-quality expert reports. The framework of court rules and procedure that form the context for expert reports will be explained, as will the fundamental evidential writing skills necessary to produce reports that fulfil all the requirements of the litigation process. 
To book: (t) 020 7936 2213 (e)

Confidence in the Courtroom - 6/10/2017              
EWI Offices, London; 09.30 - 13.30 EWI Members: £180 / Non-Members: £220              
Speaker: Barrister Giles Eyre 
This half day course deals with understanding the court process, procedure and practice; pre-trial preparation; cross-examination and how to survive it; the importance of clarity and of CPR compliance and includes a toolkit for giving effective evidence. Find out more
To book:  (t) 020 7936 2213 (e)                             

SAVE THE DATE: 21 Sept 2017

** The Expert Witness Institute 2017 Annual Conference and Dinner **

Upside Down and Inside Out -   

Experts under pressure

Annual Conference half day am/pm including lunch:  
EWI Members: £125.10 / Non-Members: £139 / Students: £60
Annual Conference full day:   
EWI Members: £216 / Non-Members: £269.10 / Students: £80
Annual Conference full day and dinner:   
EWI Members: £269.10 / Non-Members: £328.50             
All guests - dinner only:  £93
 To book:  (t) 020 7936 2213 (e)

Find out more - full programme announced shortly.

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