Patron and Management Committee

The Patron and Founding Committee members of EWI Singapore are set out below:

Designation of Committee Member



Sir Vivian Ramsey


Prof. Leslie Chew SC 

Vice President

Chan Leng Sun SC


Derek Tan Jet Wah 


David Lee

Committee Member 

Christopher Easton

Committee Member 

Dr. Thomas Walford

Committee Member 

Tan Beng Hwee Paul

Committee Member 

John Gibson

Committee Member 

Iain Potter

Committee Member 

A/P Tan Teng Hooi

Message from the Founding President

Professor Leslie Chew

Dear friends,

I am very pleased to announce that Expert Witness Institute Singapore has been formally registered as a society with effect from 19 May 2019.

In the coming months, the inaugural committee plans to launch a recruitment drive for membership and we hope that many of you will join EWI Singapore. Also, we will be holding our Inaugural Conference on EXPERT EVIDENCE IN THE ASIA PACIFIC REGION on 15 October 2019.

As Founding President, let me share with you my vision for the Institute. When first approached by one of the Governors of EWI London about the setting up of a branch in Singapore, I was excited over the prospect. Personally, I have believed for many years, that Singapore should have an independent body to cater to the training and accreditation of practicing experts. I believe that this is perhaps the last piece that needed to be added to Singapore’s comprehensive offering of dispute resolution services.

Now that EWI Singapore has been established as a branch of EWI London, I am excited that we will be able to be the agency that will add the last piece to Singapore’s offering of dispute resolution services.

In time to come, we hope that EWI Singapore will be the agency that lawyers and their clients will turn to when they need to engage Experts. To that end, It is also the intention to establish a training framework for local professionals who aspire to practice as Experts.

Ultimately, the aim is to have EWI Singapore recognised as a premier agency for the appointment of qualified and reputable Experts.

We urge our fellow Singaporeans and Singapore residents from all professions to support us to fulfil the objectives of EWI Singapore.

Please join us for our inaugural Conference!


Thank you.

Prof Leslie Chew SC
Founding President
On behalf of the EWI Singapore Committee