Mrs Maureen Ward-Gandy

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Mrs Maureen Ward-Gandy

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West Sussex

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  • BCFE
  • BEd
  • FEWI


  • Document & Handwriting Examiner


  • Blackmail
  • Document and Handwriting Examination and Comparison
  • Forensic Document and handwriting analysis
  • Will Forgeries

Expert Profile

A Document and Handwriting Expert who has served hundreds of legal, public and private organisations in the UK and abroad over 26 years; achieving successful authenticity of disputed documents and multifarious forms of suspect handwriting constantly: Has testified in many Tribunals and most levels of the Civil and Criminal Courts
Apparatus: Well-equipped laboratory + Video Spectral Comparator (U-V & I-R),
3-D Enhancement System and ESDA (indentation recovery): Practice registerd.
No. GB4553 of quality standards BS ISO 9001 since 1999.
Trained: by Bond Solon in Court Protocol, Basic Law and CPR 35/Cr PR.33 (1993-96). Completed many SJE & legally-aided cases: Gained 100% in forgery-dectection proficiency tests (2002) created by La Trobe University (Australia) for Forensic Document & Handwriting Experts - internationally.
Professional Awards: Elected as the first non-American Fellow of ACFE (1992) to Diplomate & Overseas Agent, with Expert of Excellence trophy (1994): Elected as NADE Diplomate (1998) and awarded their Document Examiner of The Year (2001): Elected a Fellow of the EWI (2002) and named Expert of the Moment in Winter Newsletter (2014). Gained credit in NADE's re-certification of CDE (2016).
Hosted first NADE Conference held overseas in England (2001) and presented many research papers in the USA at ACFE and NADE Annual Forensic Conferences.