Report writing II - 22nd March 2019

22 Mar '19, 9:30 -17:00.

The Expert Witness Institute, London.

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This seminar explores all the latest developments in expert witness report writing and provides advice and tools to enhance your report writing skills.

About the event

Lecturers: Lynden Alexander, Professional Solutions & Giles Eyre, Barrister

Building on the fundamentals of Report writing I, you will learn techniques and strategies that will enable you to deliver more impactful evidence across increasingly complex issues.

This course is recommended for:

  • Individual Members of the EWI
  • Experienced experts who want to refresh or improve their report writing skills

Course outline:

  • Understand the latest updates to court procedures and rules as they apply to reports
  • Explore the fundamental categories of legal test and understand its importance in evidence
  • Understand the thought process for applying legal tests correctly using simple and complex factual and technical scenarios
  • Understand how to generate a list of issues prior to the production of the report
  • Develop and enhance opinion writing skills for complex cases, such as causation, damage and quantum
  • Understand how to deal with causation in multi-incident compensation claims
  • Understand how to deal with the range of professional opinion on issues in dispute
  • Learn approaches for dealing with reporting situations involving technical or complex issues

Why should you attend? 

  • Receive specialist tuition on a vital area of expert witness practice
  • Learn techniques that help to identify and highlight the key issues
  • Learn how to present each stage of the opinion in a logical and ordered way
  • Understand when and how to seek guidance from instructing lawyers
  • Learn grammatical and presentational strategies that improve quality of evidence

CPD: 6 hours


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About the venue

The Expert Witness Institute
159-161 Temple Chambers
3-7 Temple Avenue