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Civil Litigation for Clinical Psychologists

Course delivered in partnership with Applied Psychology Solutions.

This event is for both new and established Psychologists who work as medico legal experts in civil litigation.


  1. Issues of diagnosis
  2. Consideration of the range of opinion with regards the diagnosis aspect of a medico legal report writing
  3. Understanding the diagnostic framework and common diagnosis seen in a medico legal civil litigation clinic.
  4. Differential diagnoses
  5. Understanding the process of writing a medico legal civil litigation report from a psychologist’s perspective.
  6. Where your work comes from. The role of agencies and instructing parties
  7. Areas of specific considering when assessing for a civil litigation case as a psychologist- including psychometrics, issues of malingering, attribution, vulnerability, treatment and prognosis.
  8. Common concerns and worries regarding amendment requests, part 35 questions and joint statements.
  9. Q and A - we are expecting the afternoon session to be quite interactive and so believe that both old and new experts will be able to learn from and share throughout the session.

CPD Hours: 6 hours


To find course dates, check the Training and Events calendar.


Lecturer: Dr Katie Newns

Dr Newns is a Clinical Psychologist with over 10 years of civil litigation medical expert witness experience. She holds the Bond Solon / Cardiff Law school certificate and regularly mentors and supervises Psychologists working in medico legal work.