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Expert meetings

Expert Meetings and Joint Statements 2024

Joint Statement Template


The following two templates have been developed and are provided by Somek & Associates as possible templates that experts may adopt. But you should feel at liberty to develop your own style according to what you think works best for you, your expert area and particularly in terms of getting the concise messages across in respect of what is agreed, disagreed, reasons for disagreement and reasons for changing opinion.

Joint Statement - Sample Quantum template

Joint Statement - Sample template with agenda


The Forensic Science Regulator has issued guidance on the approach to joint meetings of experts pursuant to Part 19.6 Criminal Procedure Rules. The need for guidance was identified through concerns raised by practitioners. The matter was discussed with practitioners and considered by the Forensic Science Advisory Council.

Forensic Science Regulator Guidance on Joint Statements for Criminal Cases

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GA v EL [2023] EWFC 187
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GA v EL [2023] EWFC 187

After considering the report from the Single Joint Expert, the Wife in financial remedy proceedings attempted unsuccessfully to make a Daniels v Walker application to adduce evidence from her solely instructed expert. The judge set out the law on Daniels v Walker before applying it to the specifics of the case.