The EWI Mediation Service

What is mediation?MediationPhoto

Mediation is an efficient, inexpensive way to settle disputes between persons or corporate bodies. It is suitable for any dispute including contract disputes.

What is the EWI mediation service?
The EWI Mediation service is designed to resolve disputes between expert witnesses and their instructing parties or litigants in relation to work completed and fees charged.
The aim of the scheme is to seek a negotiated settlement of the dispute and the mediator appointed will use their best endeavours to find an agreed outcome to the mediation as efficiently as possible.
Any mediation conducted under the guidelines of the EWI will be voluntary for both parties after a dispute has arisen or pursuant to a mediation agreement in the terms of engagement of the expert. The mediation will be a confidential and without prejudice discussion between the parties and with an impartial neutral mediator present who will preside. Any resolution will only be binding if agreed by all parties at the conclusion of the voluntary process.

How does the service operate?
Upon application the EWI Chair will appoint, from a panel of independent mediators a suitable
mediator. Upon receipt of the application for an EWI mediation, the EWI shall within 7 calendar
days write to the other parties (with a copy to the applicant) to request:

i. Any requirements that the parties consider useful for the mediator to have in resolving
the dispute
ii. Any reasonable exclusions that the parties would consider would represent a conflict
of interest for a chosen mediator

The EWI Chair will not be bound to accord with these wishes but will try to accommodate where possible. Parties will have 7 days to respond. after 14 calendar days following receipt of the application by the EWI, the EWI Chair will appoint a mediator. The Chair’s decision will be final and binding.

The mediation service guidelines can be seen here.

Who can use the EWI mediation service?
An individual, partnership or corporate body may request mediation under the auspices of the
EWI upon application. The scheme is open to any solicitor, or entity which has instructed an
expert, or to experts, both EWI members and non-members.

A mediation appointment fee of £60

How to apply?
This application form should be completed and returned to :

The Expert Witness Institute
159-161 Temple Chambers
3-7 Temple Avenue
London EC4Y 0DA
T: 020 7936 2213

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