International Community / Other Jurisdictions

The links below provide useful information for Experts working in jurisdictions outside England and Wales.

Australian Flag Australia
 Information on being an expert witness in Australia. 



Canadian Flag

 Information on being an expert witness in Canada. 



Council of EuropeCouncil of Europe
 Human Rights and Rule of Law – European Commission for the Efficiency of  Justice  (‘CEPEJ’) –Guidelines on the role of court-appointed experts in judicial  proceedings of Council of Europe’s  Member States

European Expertise and Expertise InstituteEuropean Expertise and Expertise Institute

The role of expertise in modern society must be carefully considered. This is the objective of the European Institute of expertise and expert, created in November 2006.

Guernsey Flag Guernsey 
 The Evidence in Civil Proceedings (Guernsey and Alderney) Rules 2011





 Hong KongHong Kong
 Information on being an expert witness in Hong Kong. 




Scottish Flag Scotland
 Information on being an expert witness in Scotland. 

Scottish Flag

 The Expert Witness Institute (EWI) has appointed Martin Edwards, as its    representative in Asia.  Mr Edwards is a well-respected and established business  consultant based in Singapore. His role is to promote the EWI and its members  to  the legal  community, professional bodies and other organisations located in  Asia.  Email for further information.

Swiss Flag
 Article 272 of Swiss Civil Procedure Code

Spanish Flag  Spain
  Civil Procedure Act