Committees and Fellows of the Institute

Membership and Nominations Committee 

The Membership Committee, which reports to the Board of Directors (Governors) of the Institute, sets standards and drafts regulations.  It determines the necessary standards required of applicants to the various grades of membership and how their attainment should be judged. The Committee also considers applications for membership and advises the Board of who, at various grades of membership, should be admitted.

Finance and Operations Committee 

The Finance and Operation Committee reports to the Board of Directors (Governors) of the Institute.  It oversees and reviews the finances and operations of the Institute, its committees and its secretariat.

Events, PR and Marketing Committee 

The Events, PR and Marketing Committee promotes the value of membership to experts and professional bodies and prepares marketing and publicity strategies to promote the purposes of the Institute and its members.

Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee is responsible for producing the quarterly EWI Newsletter, EWIN, as well as having overall authorial control of all literature published by the EWI


Mentoring: All Provisional Members are assigned a mentor from one of the Fellows of the Institute, to assist them in gaining full membership. They communicate with their mentee to provide them with advice on report writing, appearing in court and how to manage their expert witness micro business alongside their main profession. Fellowship is the highest category of membership and is awarded to the most superior experts with over ten year's experience. 

  • Mr John Bryant - Employment & Engineering Financial Consultant
  • Dr James Carne - General Practitioner
  • Mr Roger Clements - Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
  • Mr Ronald Cliff - Locksmith
  • Dr Neville Davis - Physician
  • Dr Brendan Dooris - General Practitioner 
  • Dr Robert Goodall- General Practitioner
  • Mr Andrew Grantham - Chartered Accountant
  • Mr David Green - Chartered Surveyor
  • Professor Michael Keighley - Surgeon
  • Dr Hugh Koch - Psychologist
  • Dr Nigel Ineson -General Practitioner
  • Mr Stephen Layton - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Dr Nicholas McCarthy - General Practitioner
  • Dr Keith Rix - Psychiatrist
  • Dr Lewis Rosenbloom - Paediatric Neurologist
  • Mr Michael Saab - Surgeon
  • Mr David E Smith - Mechanical Engineer
  • Mr Michael Turner - Information Technology Consultant
  • Mr Shaun Walbridge - Chartered Accountant
  • Mrs Maureen Ward-Gandy - Document & Handwriting Examiner
  • Mrs Irene Waters - Nursing Consultant 

Chairman Emeritus