About the Expert Witness Institute

The Expert Witness Institute (EWI) was launched in November 1996 to service and support experts. It acts as a voice for the expert witness community, supporting experts from all professional disciplines and lawyers who use the services of experts. The Institute functions to encourage, train and educate experts and to improve and maintain their standards and status. The EWI actively works with a wide range of professional bodies to achieve this.

The EWI is independent of outside commercial interests and is democratic, transparent and fully accountable to its members. It is a non-profit making company limited by guarantee The objective of the EWI is the support of the proper administration of justice and the early resolution of disputes through fair and unbiased expert evidence. To achieve this objective, the EWI:

Acts as a voice for expert witnesses, especially in communicating with the media.

  • Provides support to experts of all professional disciplines
  • Encourages lawyers to make use of experts wherever specialised knowledge is required.
  • Engages in the training of experts to maintain and enhance standards and their status.
  • Works actively with other allied professional bodies and associations.
  • Makes representations to Government and to professional bodies and associations 

EWI Singapore
The Expert Witness Institute has established its first international prescence in Singapore, coinciding with the Institute's 20th anniversary year. This new initiative will serve the burgeoning Asian legal market with plans to increase the number of accredited expert witnesses available to lawyers across the region.  Read press release.

EWI would like to thank the following 'Founding Sponsors' for their continued support:

ConferenceAudience2012•Bond Solon Training
•Geoffrey Hunt & Partners
•Medical Defence Union
•Medical Protection Society
•Moores Rowland
•RB Hawkins & Associates
•Royal Society of Medicine
•Strange Strange & Gardner

The EWI are members of The Professional Associations Research Network (PARN) which is a non-profit membership organisation for professional bodies, offering expertise, experience and perspective on key issues in the sector through research, consultancy, networking, events and training.